Thanksgiving Recipes: The recipe for success in the music industry


Everyone is searching for perfect Thanksgiving recipes, so we want to help answer the question, is there a recipe for success in the music industry?

We think there are many recipes that can lead to your success and although we don't know the exact formula, we do have an idea of some ingredients that can spice up your chances.

Ingredients for Success:

1. Hard work

Hard work can not be substituted. It is the essential backbone of creating the perfect flavor. Talent is wasted with out putting in the work. Hard work is the first thing you should focus on and is entirely within your control. Hard work needs to go into every aspect of your efforts from the creating the product to the marketing.

2. Persistence

Never give up. There will be plenty of times that you may fail and get knocked down, but if you stop trying, then you're giving up the future of chance of something working out. Persistence will give that you some great consistency and texture. As Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


3. Networking

Network as much as possible! The more people you meet, the more potential you have to meet someone who can help. Always be willing to speak with people and try to speak with as many people as possible. It's people that make things happen. You can learn some cool twists to add to your recipe from other people just as they can learn new tricks from you. There are tons of great ways to network!

4. Teamwork

Surround yourself with a hardworking team and make sure you work together! Each person should bring a different type of skill to create the perfect combination in the final meal. You don't want too many cooks in the kitchen! Of course each band member has their own instrumental talents that come together to make some pretty awesome sounding music. But outside of the band, you need a team around you that can really help bring you up to the next level. Try to find people that have the skills that you are lacking!

5. Exposure

The more people that hear your music, the more fans you will get. It's that simple.'s view has always been that the best way to promote music is to play it people. If you have really great music that people will like, then you need them to hear it! Do everything you can to get your music to people's ears and as much airplay as possible. Thanksgiving recipes are all about sharing with other people.

6. Luck: The secret sauce

Luck is that secret, special sauce that is hard to explain, but truly brings out the flavor. I'm a big believer that the more work you put into the other ingredients, the more luck you will have. The harder you work, the more persistent you are, the more you network, the more you work as a team, and more exposure you get, then the more luck you will ultimately receive!

Michael Jordan

The measurements of these ingredients will vary depending on the chefs, the kitchen environment, and the people you are serving, but give it the right mix with a little bit of love, and you are sure to succeed!