The Perfect Song

We launched just over a month ago and as we're getting more and more data into our systems, we are discovering a lot insights into how people react with music. Since uses a complex algorithm to optimize song placement for music promotion, we're able to track a ton of information such as skips, likes, engagements, favorites, and much more.

After analyzing bunch of songs, we saw few patterns that were are common to many of our most successful songs

1. Catchy hooks and grabbing intros

Many of our most successful songs get most of their favorites right in the first 30 seconds of the song. This tells us that a successful song grabs the listener right from the start with a catchy intro, typically using the song hook.

3. Mix of predictable & unpredictable elements

Another pattern we are seeing is a combination of predictable and unpredictable elements in the song. Listeners like to predict what's coming next, but keeping them on their toes is a great way keep them engaged for the entire song. There is a two minute rule that says listeners typically get bored and skip to the next song after about two minutes if the pattern remains the same. Use the opportunity to change it up so that the listener doesn't skip.

4. Catchy melody and keep it simple

Similar to a catchy hook, the melody is what will stick in someone's head. Many artists get caught up in trying to create something that is much more complex than it needs to be. Some of the most popular songs in the world are simple. Keeping a song simple and catchy will keep fans coming back for more.