Track your Pre-Saves all the way to your fans on release day

How do you know that your Pre-Saves actually saved on release day?’s Pre-Save Delivery Analytics give you peace of mind.

  1. Keep track of how many Pre-Saves you got in each music service.
  2. On release day, verify that your music was actually delivered to your fans’ libraries.
  3. Check the delivery status for your audience.

With all this, you can enjoy the most powerful and detailed analytics available in the market.

Track Pre-Saves before your music is released

Once you share your Pre-Save with the world and direct fans to save your upcoming music, you can track the total number of completed Pre-Saves. You can even see that total broken down by service so you can measure which music service you're getting the most Pre-Saves from.

This data is on top of the existing analytics of page traffic and traffic by platform so you can better understand not how your fans listen to your music and measure the effectiveness of your Pre-Saves.

Verify your Pre-Saves are saved on release day

On release day, your Pre-Save Delivery Analytics unlock so you can track the status of your release being saved to your fans’ libraries.

A progress bar that will update you on the status of your music being delivered to your fans’ with four possible statuses:

  • Successfully Delivered: Your music has been successfully saved to your fans’ library in their music service
  • Queued for Delivery: Your music has not yet been delivered to your fans’ library but is either about to be or, in the case of a local release Pre-Save, is waiting to be released in your fans’ territories
  • Pending Source: Your music has not been delivered because the scan source - the link or ISRC/UPC of your content - is either invalid or missing. Edit your SmartLink with the corrected link within three days of the release date to successfully deliver your Pre-Save to your fans.
  • Couldn’t be Delivered: Your music could not be delivered to a fan. A common reason this can happen is because the fan removed the authorization token before the release date.

Check the delivery status for your audience

Did a fan report that they didn't get your music? In addition to your overall stats, your Audience section will indicate whether your fans who Pre-Saved got your music delivered successfully.

We know that smart marketers need detailed analytics to assess their marketing efforts and to diagnose issues. We can’t wait for you to see these reports for your Pre-Saves.

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Pre-Save Delivery Analytics

Track your Pre-Saves all the way to your fans

Get the confidence you need knowing that your Pre-Saves are actually saved by your fans.