How to use Spotify Multiple Follows to grow fans with

How to Use Spotify Multiple Follows to Grow Fans Using

Spotify Multiple Follows are an effective way to increase engagement, grow your followers and get picked up by the digital service’s algorithm. Spotify Multiple Follows are available in your Spotify Pre-Save links in, during the pre-release stage of your album cycle.

Pre-Save links give artists opportunities to have more points of connection with their fans. The Spotify Multiple Follows ensures that fans automatically follow you on Spotify, allowing them to receive new release and concert announcement emails, and getting your music in their Release Radars. When there’s too much noise, this feature helps your fans connect with your music directly.

How Multiple Follows works

When fans click to save your music through a Pre-Save Link, they’ll automatically follow your Spotify playlist, artist profile, or release. We suggest including a playlist of your discography and a playlist of your songs with the most plays on Spotify. This will increase the follower count on your playlists, the number of streams and your overall engagement on Spotify.


Action Pages

Another way to increase auto-follow is by using Action Pages. Action Pages are tools for you to engage, grow and gate your content. There are many types of actions you can set up including pre-save, save, stream or follow on Spotify and Apple Music. This article can advise you on how to successfully use Action Pages. Make sure to always have also follow an artist set up on your Action Page. It will help you grow your audience on Spotify.


Here’s a quick recap of the Action Page tips:

  1. Always make sure that collect fan email addresses is checked.
  2. Make sure you have two playlists: a discography playlist and a best hits playlist.
  3. For the auto-follow, put in your Spotify artist profile page for a quick auto-follow.

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Case Study - Phoebe Bridgers

A great example of how to use the Multiple Follow feature came from Phoebe Bridgers when she announced her album Punisher on April 9. That day, she and her record label Dead Oceans, shared a Pre-Save Link for her album on socials. It included an auto-follow feature which was set up so users followed her Spotify artist page and her main discography playlist, who is phoebe fucking bridgers? Both her Spotify follower count and the follower count of the playlist grew by over 500 followers each in just one day.

(Chartmetric, followers of who is phoebe fucking bridgers?)

Bridgers’ listening grew slightly after the announcement by about 8 percent after the first week, or 219,822 listeners. Even when her Spotify listening began to dip, her follower count still increased.

(Soundcharts, Phoebe Bridgers Spotify listening)

In our final analysis, having a fan automatically follow your artist page and artist playlists can be a great tool to increase engagement and retention rates prior to the release of an album or EP. Higher retention rates show strong fan dedication and can be used when pushing an artist to press or a playlist. And once a fan is following the artist, they’ll be updated on the merch and concerts that typically follow, furthering engagement and ultimately revenue for the artist.

Use Spotify Multiple Follows