We Want Your Music Heard

At feature.fm, we think it's very important to not just talk about what we do, but why we do it. Why does feature.fm exist? What do we believe in?

Our fundamental belief is that the best way to promote a song is to play it people.

It's as simple as that. In order for people to like your music, they need to hear it.

We believe that every song should have a fair chance of getting played to the right audience. There are so many artists with great music, except no ones knows about them. Getting a fair shot at playing their music to the right ears gives artists the best chance to get fans. Real fans that are built organically.

We believe that streaming services are becoming more and more popular and will take over as people's primary source for the consumption of music. It's most important for artists to reach fans inside of these platforms. By reaching fans inside of the platforms that they use to consume music, it gives artists the best chance to increase their popularity.

We believe that fans are willing to support their favorite artists and pay for music, just not in the same way that they used to. There is a fundamental change in the psychology of what it means to pay for music. The days of "Here's my music, if you want to hear it, pay" are over. The new approach should be "Here's my music, if you like it, support me so I can make more!"



We want your music to be heard by millions of listeners, where they are listening — inside streaming services.

Beyond what our platform offers, we are here to guide you through your musical journey. We are here to offer you advice about digital promotion, keep you updated about the music industry and help promote your music across our social media channels.

You want your music heard. So do we.