Why 8tracks is the best partner for Feature.fm, artists, and music lovers

We launched Feature.fm with 8tracks almost a year ago and as they have just begun to announce some new, exciting direct deals with labels, we want to take the opportunity to point out why they are so awesome and have been the perfect partner to work with! Check out just a few reasons why 8tracks is amazing for artists, fans, and Feature.fm :)

Feature.fm song on 8tracks

1. Human curated playlists gives the power back to the people and adds some thought behind your music selection

8tracks brings the power back to the DJs and has essentially modernized the mix tape. 8tracks is a playlisting radio app based on human curated playlists. This means that every "radio station" is really a playlist created by a real person!

What does this mean for Feature.fm artists? It means that when someone is presented with your song, they can actually do something with it. When someone favorites a track, it doesn't just go into some automated computer algorithm. You can actually add the track to your own playlists. 8tracks gives artists the best chance to get tons of organic exposure because people can add your tracks to their own playlists.

2. Friend of the indies

Two-thirds of 8tracks 30 million monthly listening hours are streams from indie labels and musicians. Now, 8tracks has solidified their commitment to independent music with new partnerships and features that encourage the creation of indie based playlists.

8tracks is launching the 8tracks Library and DJ Crate to help users discover and create playlists with music from independent artists. The Library will include over 6.5 million songs provided via new deals with INgrooves, CD Baby, Dim Mak and DashGo.

This all means that 8tracks it the PERFECT place for indies and unsigned artists to showcase their music. Our partnership with 8tracks allows us to help these artists get their songs in front of the right audience inside of a key platform for indies.

8tracks Signs Direct Licensing Deals With Music Labels To Improve Playlist Creation -TechCrunch

3. Over 8 million users makes 8tracks the 3rd largest radio streaming service in the US for listeners aged 18 to 24

As a unique playlisting app, 8tracks is one of the most popular streaming radio platforms in the world!

8tracks by the numbers

  • 8,000,000 monthly active users
  • 30,000,000 listener hours per month (that's 5+ hours per listener per month)
  • 3 internet radio network on iOS (after Pandora & Clear Channel's iHeartRadio)

  • 3 internet radio network for listeners aged 18-24

Here are some more articles reinforce how awesome 8tracks is:

As 8tracks is clearly one of the top music streaming services, there is a completely untapped opportunity for artists to promote their music to 8tracks' expansive audience.

4. We are Music Geeks

People who use 8tracks are what we, at Feature.fm, like to refer to and identify as "music geeks." These are people who are music trendsetters. We visit 8tracks to discover new music from real people and love to share that music with our friends! We're hunters who want to stay ahead of the newest artists in music and are proud of it!

Feature.fm artists can get their music to people who actually want to discover music they've never heard before. 8tracks users relish the opportunity for this type of discovery. In 8tracks, artists looking to promote their music can give the people what they want.

5. Innovative, startup mentality drives the music landscape forward

8tracks and Feature.fm share a lot of the same values and are open to pioneering new trends in the music industry. One of our favorite parts about working with 8tracks is that they share a vision for innovation and trying new things to help push the music landscape forward. They work with a startup mentality that allows us to act quickly and swiftly. This key characteristic allows 8tracks to constantly stay ahead of the curve and provide an awesome music experience to the masses!

If you're part of the new music landscape, hopping on board with 8tracks and Feature.fm can be a key part of your music promotion and analytics strategy!