Why are artists forced to advertise their music outside of streaming services?


More and more people listen to music through streaming and on demand music services. More artists than ever make their music accessible inside of these music services. We know that music streams are contributing more revenue to artists than music sales.

So why are artists forced to advertise their music outside of streaming services?

It doesn't make sense that an artist should have to promote their music outside of where fans actually listen to and interact with it. The biggest, current digital ad platforms: Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Display Ads force artists to rely on display content outside of where fans listen to music to try to bring fans in to hear the music.

Why can brands advertise in streaming services, but artists can't?

Brands advertise in streaming services, interrupting the music and taking away from the experience.

What if an artist can promote a song inside of the streaming service itself allowing fans to get exposed to the song and then add the song to a playlist right there! Fans wouldn't be interrupted with ads for non music related content!

This is the main reason that we created Feature.fm. We noticed that there is not digital ad platform built specifically for music. When artists use display ads, they are competing against non-music related ad space in an environment that people aren't currently tuned into to listen to music. You rely on the hopes that someone clicks on a display ad and maybe hears your music.

We believe that the best way to promote a song is to play it to people.

When you promote a song with Feature.fm, the song is played to users who are currently listening to your genre of music! We are currently live on our first streaming partner, 8tracks, which is the 3rd largest radio streaming services and has over 8 million listeners.

You present your song to listeners in a way that lets them interact with the song as any other song in 8racks. Because 8tracks is based on human curated mixes, this means that people can add your songs to their own mixes! It will also gaurantee exposure for your music.

The concept is simple. Promote your songs directly inside streaming services where fans are listening to music.