Day 2: Create Tour Links that sell tickets

15 Music Marketing Tips in 15 Days

It's tough to keep up with the latest trends and strategies that can help you with marketing your music. We've put together 15 tips to help you prepare your marketing strategies for the next year.

Each day, we'll share a new marketing tip covering topics ranging from playlist strategy to tour marketing to content calendars.

Day 2: Create Tour Links that sell tickets

Tip #1

Add a tour trailer or music video as a preview source underneath the artist image and description

This helps make your Tour Link more engaging for fans and gives them an opportunity to see your live show or music.

Learn How To Set Up Your Tour Link

Tip #2

Make a playlist of the setlist and add it as a Spotify playlist

Fans will be able to see some of the songs you are performing and you can save the surprise of the encores or deep cuts.

Tip #3

Make tour dates stand out that you need to sell through - if dates have sold out, highlight shows with available tickets.

Create A Tour Link

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