Create the Best Pre-Saves with this Best Practices Checklist

Every time you create a Pre-Save, follow this checklist to get the most out of it

To get the most out of your Pre-Saves, you'll want to make sure that you are following best practices. Keep this checklist handy. Here are the features you need to make sure you're using every time you create a Pre-Save.

  • Include all of's supported Pre-Save stores
  • Use the Local Release Pre-Save
  • Activate the "Spotify Multiple Follow"
  • Include Post Pre-Save destinations
  • Turn on Fan Notifications to notify fans on release day
  • Add the email collection widget
  • Confirm your retargeting pixels are added

✔ Include all of's supported Pre-Save stores supports the most Pre-Save stores in the market. Make sure you include all of them on your Pre-Save page. Currently supports Pre-Saves in:

alt text

  • Spotify Pre-Save
  • Apple Music Pre-Add
  • Amazon Music Pre-Save
  • Tidal Pre-Save
  • SoundCloud Pre-Save
  • Audiomack Pre-Save
  • Deezer Pre-Save
  • YouTube Music Pre-Save (coming soon)

To make it easy, you can also go to your default link settings in your account and make sure all of these services are part of your default stores list. This will ensure they are automatically added to all of your Pre-Saves.

Learn more about's supported services:

✔ Use the Local Release Pre-Save

Most music is released at 12am midnight on release day, but within each individual time zone. Let’s say your music is being released in London at 12AM local time, but it won't be out yet in New York.

Only with, you can ensure that at midnight in London, your music is saved to fan libraries and fans who visit your link will see "play" to stream your music while fans in New York will still be able to Pre-Save.

Learn more about Local Release Pre-Saves:

✔ Activate the "Spotify Multiple Follow"

Figuring out how to get Artist and Playlist followers in Spotify is critical for your Spotify growth and getting more Spotify listeners. With, when a fan Pre-Saves your music in Spotify, you automatically enable fans to follow your Artist Profile and up to 2 other Spotify assets you want followed such as playlists.

Just make sure you add your Spotify Artist Profile and at least 1 playlist to the "Multiple Follow."

The follow happens the moment the fan finishes Pre-Saving so you don't have to wait until release day to get your followers.

Watch Dan from explain more:

Learn more about Spotify Multiple Follows:

✔ Include Post Pre-Save destinations

After a fan Pre-Saves your music, where do you want them to go? Your music isn't out yet, but with a "Post Pre-Save destination URL" you can automatically redirect fans anywhere you want after they Pre-Save and you can enter this URL for each Pre-Save service. Maybe you want fans to go to your existing music in Spotify or Apple Music. Or maybe you want to send fans to your latest music video on YouTube, to your website, to buy merch, tickets...the choice is yours.

✔ Add the email collection widget

When you add the “Email Subscribe” store, fans can directly subscribe to your email list by entering their email address manually. The "Email Subscribe" store can be added to your Pre-Save page just like any other store:

Watch Dan from explain how to put your email subscribers growth on Auto-Pilot

Learn more about collecting emails

✔ Turn on Fan Notifications to notify fans on release day

Turn this on and on release day, we’ll deliver your Pre-Saved music to your fans’ libraries and automatically send an email that directs your fans to listen to the music on the service they use. Notifications are sent for all of’s supported Pre-Save.

To turn this on, first you'll need to activate it for your account in the "Add Ons" section of your Account Settings. You can do that here.

Discover how Pre-Save Fan Notifications work

Learn more about Pre-Save Fan Notifications:

✔ Confirm your ad retargeting pixels are added

Don't make the mistake of sharing your Pre-Save without making sure you are collecting all of your retargeting and conversion tracking data to your social ad platforms. Collecting this data is key for both remarketing audiences as well as to run conversion ad campaigns across all of your social channels.

Send your retargeting data to Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads or anywhere else you'd like via Google Tag Manager.

Your retargeting pixels live in your "Advanced Settings" of link creation. You can also add them to your default account settings, but if you've already created links, you'll still need to go back and add them to links you've already created.

Learn more about adding retargeting pixels

Ready to use all of these best practices to create the best Pre-Save?

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