Day 4: Top 3 platforms to advertise on

15 Music Marketing Tips in 15 Days

It's tough to keep up with the latest trends and strategies that can help you with marketing your music. We've put together 15 tips to help you prepare your marketing strategies for the next year.

Each day, we'll share a new marketing tip covering topics ranging from playlist strategy to tour marketing to content calendars.

Day 4: Top 3 platforms to advertise on

Tip #1

Set up YouTube TrueView ads for your release 

Set up your Google Ads pixel to take advantage of custom conversions and remarketing audiences.

Learn How To Set Up Your Google Ads Pixel

Tip #2

On TikTok, start with a high impact visual or an engaging hook

Keep the video to between 10-25 seconds and make sure the video is formatted for mobile.

Learn How To Set Up Your TikTok Pixel

Tip #3

Use Facebook Business Manager's A/B testing tool to test ad variations

Different ad variations allow you to optimize the ad creative to make your promotions more engaging.

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