7 Ways Feature.fm is Constructed to Get More Music Streams and Conversions

In the dynamic world of the music industry, it's not just about creating amazing music; it's also about getting it into the ears of your fans and getting more streams for your music. Achieving conversions is the name of the game, and Feature.fm is a platform that's been meticulously designed and optimized for exactly that. But what does "conversion" mean in the context of music promotion? For us, it's about turning music enthusiasts into engaged listeners, specifically by encouraging them to stream your music on their favorite streaming platforms and to get the most Pre-Saves before your music is available to maximize your streams. In this blog post, we'll explore how Feature.fm prioritizes increasing conversions through its innovative tools and features.

1. Lightning-Fast Page Load Speeds

In an age where speed is paramount, Feature.fm recognizes the importance of a seamless user experience. According to Google Page Speed Test, Feature.fm boasts the fastest page load speeds in the market. We've invested heavily in ensuring that when a fan clicks on your smart link, they won't be left waiting for your music to load. This speed ensures that potential listeners don't abandon the journey before even starting it.

Feature.fm’s Lightning Fast Smart Link Page Load Speeds Gives You More Streams, Sales and Conversions

2. Local Release Pre-Save

One of Feature.fm's groundbreaking features is its Local Release Pre-Save. Unlike other platforms that convert your fans to pre-save at the same time worldwide, Feature.fm customizes the experience for each listener's local time zone. This means that fans can pre-save your music and stream it the moment it becomes available in their area, minimizing that frustrating lag time. This approach maximizes conversions by removing any friction between the desire to listen and the actual listening experience.

Pre-Saves that convert at the local release time in each timezone

3. Email Notification Reminders

Not only does Feature.fm make it easy for fans to pre-save and stream your music, but it also ensures they don't forget to do so. The platform sends email notification reminders to all your fans who have pre-saved your music, gently nudging them to go and listen once it's available. This reminder service helps keep your music at the forefront of your fans' minds, increasing the likelihood of conversions when your track drops.

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Automatically notify fans when your music drops

4. "Bounce Blocker"

The Bounce Blocker tool provided by Feature.fm is an ingenious way to redirect fans to a music service of your choice if they visit your smart link but remain inactive for a specified number of seconds. This ensures that potential listeners are guided to a place where they can immediately consume your music. It's a practical approach to avoid missed conversion opportunities due to inaction.

Learn how to turn on Auto Redirect to activate "Bounce Blocker"

5. One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves

Feature.fm's "One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves" is a game-changer for both artists and their fans. This feature tackles the issue head-on by making the pre-save process as smooth as possible across all iOS and Android devices. Here's how it works:

Deep Linking: When fans click on a pre-save link shared by an artist on social media, they are deep-linked directly to the Spotify app. This means that instead of being stuck in a mini-browser, they're taken to the Spotify app instantly.

Automatic Login: What's even more convenient is that fans are automatically logged in to their Spotify accounts. No need to re-enter their credentials in the social app's mini-browser, which is often a hassle and a deterrent.

Skip the Spotify Login and Boost Pre-Save Conversions with Feature.fm's One-Click Spotify Pre-Saves

6. Send Fans Directly to their Preferred Music Service

With Feature.fm, we automatically remember your fans' preferred music services, so you can choose to skip the landing page and send fans directly to your music in their preferred music service faster. Just check the box when creating your Smart Links.

7. Deep Linking by Default

Lastly, Feature.fm deep links to all music services by default. Deep Links are links that automatically open the music service apps on mobile devices so that your fans don't need to go through multiple steps to get directly to your music to start streaming.

Deep Linking to Increase Streams

Feature.fm is designed with one primary goal in mind – increasing conversions. By streamlining the process of pre-saving and streaming music, offering lightning-fast page load speeds, actively reminding fans, and simplifying Spotify pre-saves, Feature.fm empowers musicians and artists to connect with their audience seamlessly and effectively. In the fast-paced and competitive world of music promotion, Feature.fm proves itself to be a valuable ally for artists, ensuring that their music is heard and enjoyed by as many listeners as possible.

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