Day 12: How to set up your TikTok profile for success

15 Marketing Tips in 15 Days

It's tough to keep up with the latest trends and strategies that can help you with marketing your music. We've put together 15 tips to help you prepare your marketing strategies for the next year.

Each day, we'll share a new marketing tip covering topics ranging from playlist strategy to tour marketing to content calendars.

Day 12: How to set up your TikTok for success

Tip #1

Capture email addresses and data by adding a Bio Link to your TikTok profile

Build your audience offline to promote your new releases, live shows or merch.

Tip #2

Track activity coming from TikTok ads with a custom marketing channel

Use the marketing channel to accurately measure the performance of your ads. 

Tip #3

Show off your aesthetic and personality with authentic content

Successful content on TikTok will be personal and offer your audience a view into your world. 

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